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Why Keytext?

Big agency or little agency? How we compare to the big boys

If you’re looking for a quality translation or copywriting service, it may be tempting to go straight to one of the big agencies. Yet, on several levels, we think we can do better than they can. So before you disappear to find a more “reputable” agency, why not see how we compare?


We’ve positioned our copywriting and translation rates just below the industry average for most language combinations and specialist subjects. However, because many of our translators work directly with our clients, we have fewer project managers and lower overheads. We’re therefore able to pay higher rates to freelancers to attract the best in the industry. Essentially, you get more experienced writers and translators for the about the same rate.


As mentioned above, we pay our linguists and writers more than most agencies (in some cases much more – at least 80% of the fee). We want to pay fair rates and it also means we can attract talented professionals who can more than meet your expectations. We also offer proofreading and copy-editing services to ensure that the final text is accurate, eloquent and error free.

Customer service

We may not have a large customer service department (in fact, we don’t have any) but being a relatively small agency means that all of us are committed to serving you in the best way we know how. We also offer a satisfaction guarantee which comes into play if you’re not happy with our work. This is not likely to happen, but if it does, we’ll review the text free of charge until you are happy. See our Quality Commitment for more details.


This is where we fall a little short of the big boys. Unfortunately, we don’t quite have the capacity to deal with millions of words in multiple language combinations, however, we might surprise you. Let us know what your requirements are and we’ll soon let you know if we can handle the pressure. We work with a significant and growing pool of talent and even if we don’t currently have the people you need, we’ll find them for you.


Unlike almost any other translation agency, Keytext offers you the option to work directly with your choice of linguist or writer via email (no platforms or login details to worry about). This means that if you have any questions or comments, you don’t have to spend time going through a project manager. Additionally, if you use project management tools, you can also integrate them into your workflow using their email address.


Like other translation agencies we’ve put in place a strict confidentiality policy and have signed Non-Disclosure Agreements with all of our translators and copywriters. We can also sign one with you if you wish.


We’re working on this. For our translation services, we don’t yet have our own Neural Machine Translation tool but use reliable third-party applications instead. Our translators also use the latest CAT tools to help provide consistent and accurate translations, particularly for technical texts.

For our copywriting services, our writers have upgraded their typewriters and use the latest word processing software. They can also work directly in your CMS if required.


Unlike the big boys, we only have one office (based in Winchester, Hampshire) but just like them we work with talent from every corner of the globe. We also have a French-speaking project manager based in France. So whether you’re based in London or Hong Kong, we’ll find an effective way to work with you.

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