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Content: what is an article?

What is an article

An article is a piece of writing whose purpose is to inform readers of a particular subject or issue. They often provide analysis and usually accompanied by photographs, charts and graphs and, unlike blogs, attempt to provide a balanced view rather than voice an opinion.

Like with blogs, it’s important to address issues relevant to your target audience. Nevertheless, one of the aims of an article or (preferably) series of articles, is to establish thought leadership. They should therefore be well-written.

Main benefit: to establish thought leadership.

Top tips to remember when writing an article

1. Write a series of articles; it will have a far greater impact that a one-off.

2. Repurpose articles and publish shorter versions on LinkedIn, Facebook and other platforms, on and offline, and always refer back to the full-length version.

3. Be consistent when it comes to length and tone, and remember to offer a balanced view.

4. Make sure your topics are relevant to your audience. Find out what questions they have and discuss the issues with quality information and analysis.

5. Write a great headline. Like with blogs and other forms of web content, numbers attract readers, as do controversial issues and benefits. Some people even say that you should spend as much time thinking about the headline as you do writing the article.

6. Write well. Use the active voice throughout and cut out unnecessary words, sentences and paragraphs. That way you will give your writing more energy and your audience will be more likely to read on, share and take further action.

7. Research at least one keyword, and put it in your headline.

8. Use internal and external links to reliable sources of information. These will help to establish your credibility and authority, and are also good for SEO.

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